Welcome to the Onion Wiki

Hello! Welcome to the onion wiki! I know what you're thinking. "Why is there an onion wiki?" It all started with a typo on the Ninjago wiki.

LegoNexoKnights101 (Now known as LegoFanNexo101) wanted to type Oni, but it ended up as Onion.

She wanted to know if there was already an onion wiki, but there wasn't so she thought:

"Well, if there isn't a machine that makes puffy pot stickers, by golly I'm gonna make one"

(That's a ninjago quote, by the way)

So she made the onion wiki.

Here, we make pages about real onions, and make parody's of real things as onions.

But mostly Ninjago pages.

The onionjago wiki!

Why do we love onions? No idea! 

We have pages on real onions and pages on ninjago onions. You can make onion versions of your favourite pages too!


Simple things to get started

If you are making a parody, here are some things you should know.

  • Onion must be in the title somewhere.
  • Eg: New York=Onion York

Eg: LegoNexoKnights101=LegoNexoKnights10onion.(Something like that)

Note: Misako is the greatest onion in the world!    -Quinton1721

if you want to make a page, make sure it doesn't already exist. We've have some double ups.

Pages Needed

Share pages you want created here!

  • All element pages (not onion ninja ones. Other character ones)
  • More villians
  • More things on actual onions
  • Elemental onions
  • Nexo Onion pages.

Pages that need editing

Share pages you want edited here!

Enjoy the onion wiki!

If there is a problem or you have a question please ask Quinton1721, Rpfreund, or LegoFanNexo101 for anything.

Pythoronion thinks XxAkumuxX is cool. ;)

Misakonion thinks Quinton1721 is AWESOME. XD

Morronion thinks that LegoFanNexo101 is annoying. XD

Ask us anything, if you have any problems concerns or something like that, just ask us.

Best Pages


Latest activity

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